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The defective Traductus

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1 The defective Traductus le Mer 14 Nov 2012 - 16:19

Cowell Bratley

Cowell Bratley
2ème année
2ème année
[Bonjour tout le monde, c'est le début de premier RP entièrement rédigé en anglais. J'espère que je n'ai pas fait trop de fautes...Bon courage à tous les participants pour traduire et surtout répondre !]

I wake up, rubbing my eyes and hurt my alarm clock for stopping this horrible noise. I raise mechanically my legs out of the bed. I am not a morning guy, not at all. I go to the common room with a ghostly gait like a zombie. Kamira is already there, I move toward the young elfe.

-Hey Kami' ! Good morning, I say.

She turns and looks me with a strangely gaze. She starts to speaking an other language. What's going on ? I try to understand her words but I can't. However I recognize a few words. She speaks elven, the elfe's language ! Kamira continues to speak and looks me more and more worry.
Why ? Berhie Crochue has a traductus who allows to understanding us. It must be broken. I must to prevent Eva right now.

-Don't move ! I come back, I say to Kamira.

I am not sure she understood me but I am already in the corridor, at Eva office's direction. I find our housekeeper in front of her room.

-Eva, we have a big issue, the traductus is broken ! I scream like a fool.

Casey Adams-Bening, élève de 6ème année dans la maison Poufsouffle

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"I feel drunk but I'm sober, I'm young and I'm underpaid                 
I'm tired but I'm working, yeah                                                                                                                                                      "'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket
I care but I'm restless, I'm here but I'm really gone                                                                                                                       And the other one is giving a high five"
I'm wrong and I'm sorry baby"
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2 Re: The defective Traductus le Mer 14 Nov 2012 - 17:23

It is seven o'clock, my portable is ringing... He is to far, I can't stop the music. I would'n to wake up, I want juste to stay in my bed. Two minutes after, I finaly decided to stop my alarm. I'm tired but I go to the fridge to eat something. I take the first dessert and I eat quikcly before I hear the door's noise, this is Tessa, she is a little disheveled. When she sees me, she says :
"- Привет Shiruka, хорошо спали ?
I laugh, this is the first time than Tessa speak whis me in Russian, this is funny. I take a Russian accent and I say :
- Je ne comprend pas, ce que tu dis.

Now she watch me like a very strange man, why ?
- Почему ты так говоришь ? request it.
- Je te répète, je comprend rien à ce que tu raconte..."
She put her hand on her mouth and she scream "дерьмо" before she leave the room... Why she do that ? What's going on ?

"La différence entre l'intelligence et la stupidité, c'est que l'intelligence a ses limites."

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3 Re: The defective Traductus le Mer 14 Nov 2012 - 18:14

I wake up. I was dreaming... But it was a nightmare. It was awfull ! I look at my alarm clock. It's quarter past seven. I get up and go in the bathroom. While I brush my hair, I hear words, but I don't understand. I recognize Tessa and Shiruka's voice. I go in the common room. I am not mistaken, Tessa and Shiruka are speaking. I don't understand what they say.

"-Je te répète, je comprend rien à ce que tu raconte..." says Shiruka. Tessa screams a word in a language I don't know.

"-Sut wyt ti, Shiruka? say I.

-Je ne comprends rien ! Qu'est-ce que tu dis ?

-Beth wnaethoch chi ei ddweud ?"

And now, I understand. Shiruka is speaking French, ans Tessa was speaking Russian.

"-O fy dduw !" I moan.

The traductor doesn't works anymore. I look at Shiruka who doesn't understand and I go down in the Refectory.

archie redding, serpentard, six 
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i'd have been yours, if you had been mine
but my hopes had faded by the time
can you hear me tonight? 
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4 Re: The defective Traductus le Ven 16 Nov 2012 - 21:55

Kamira Manliot

Kamira Manliot
2ème année
2ème année
Like every days I'm wake up at six o'clock. I hate stay in bed, it's a lost time. Silent as a cat, I go to the CDC's bathroom. My morning preparation is very quick, make up isn't for me, like compicated hairstyles or other girl stuff. I just want to prepare my quiver in anticipation of a training.
After the bathroom, I'm join the common room. In front of the remains of fire, I magically sharpens my arrows to fill my quiver. One hour later, Cowell down the stairs like a zombi with blue hairs. I know he doesn't like the morning and I find it funny.

- Hey Kami' ! Good morning, he say

What? What did he say? I just take a moment and my memory tells me that it's english. I remember the day when Cowell had tried to teach me that language. I retained a part of what I learned but the else..... It's out of my head. But....

- Yan tye carpas Englé ? I asked

I don't understand he's previous sentence but I've reconized English, I'm sure that it's now. The wizard sudden increase eyebrows ans begins to move in all directions. He repeat slowly all the words with lot of moves. I think he tell me "Good morning" but I'm not sure. Suddendly, I recall that school have a Traductus. Normally, we can't speak an other language, the Traductus translate them instantly and we hear the same words, same sentences, but now I hear english.

- Manen tye carda an carpa Englé ? I said

It's just at this moment that I unterstand I speak elven. My native language reconizable by it's fluidity, this singing sounds and the "honey" in my voice. Yes, it is, but, why we speak our native languages?

- Cowell.... I began
- Don't move ! I come back, he said at the same time

I spread my arms to surprise and I look him run away. There is something that I don't understand but I think is a good idea to stay here and wait. In sighing, I sit in a armchair and watching the embers in the fireplace.

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5 Re: The defective Traductus le Mer 21 Nov 2012 - 20:53

Eva Bellini

Eva Bellini
[If you can please translate others languages than english, I only copy/paste two sentences in Russian and Google Translate already pissed me off…]

“Eva, we have a big issue, the traductus is broken !”

The redhair rose his head:

“Cosa?*” she said before the words reached her brain. She frowned, and then ask to the male Prefect:

“Since when did this happen?”

Her english was fluent, but with a slight accent which hesitate between french and italian.

“I don’t know, I was on my way to breakfast when Kamira started to talk in elven language. Freaky thing to hear in morning, if you wanna know,” answered Cowell.

Eva wasn’t listening anymore. Instead, she was thinking aloud:

“The spell must be too old. It’s kind of odd, because it was cast to last at least a few decades, but I remember that it was one of the latest spell during the built of the castle, so we might be too tired and made a mistake. Problem is that Siam and El isn’t there for two days and a Traductus of this importance is a big to deal with...”

She keeps mumbling in is inexistant beard, while to rummages through some papers on her desk. Suddenly, she frozed while a thought go trough her mind.

“Owww, that sucks.”, she declared with a face as long as a fiddle.

“What’s going on?”

“To make it short, Siam establish a Security Spell after this witch curses the castle—the fairy tales, remember? Well, it won’t allowed me to cast another spell.”, she replied.

“Oh. You’re right, that sucks.”

“How am I supposed to announce that?”

“Announce is a thing, being understand is another...”

Eva bite her inferior lips:

“What do you suggest?”

Cowell shrugged:

“English for everyone?”

“English for everyone!” she concluded after a few seconds, a fatalistically look on her face.

*Cosa= Quoi?

[I will probably write a continuation, but I’m just tooo busy this days, therefore I post now and I’ll see later, so if someone wants to pursue in the meantime.... :]

Dernière édition par Eva Bellini le Lun 31 Déc 2012 - 19:22, édité 1 fois

Dan - 6ème année - Serdaigle

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Fight because you don't know how to die quietly. Win because you don't know how to lose.
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6 Re: The defective Traductus le Lun 31 Déc 2012 - 17:54

I heard the new, the traductus is broken. I never heard there was a traductus in Bertie Crochue, but this is a little logic. I thought everyone spoke in french, this is creasy ! So... Kamira speaks the elfe's language ? This is very weard... I imagine this is a buitiful language, very fluid.
- Shiruka ? says Lily
- Hein ? I come back to reality, she speaks to me. Ouais, qu'est ce qu'il y a ?
- ... What ?
- Oh yes, the english... This is very strange to speak english with you, Lily.
- This is strange for me too, she declared with a smile.
- What we supposed to do, then ?
- I don't know... The school is canceled today ?
- I have no idea.

She took a board game, this is a plateau with many square. There is black and white pawns. She want to play with me "Dames"
- You realy want to loose, Lily ? Say I.
- YOU, will loose, I begin with the white pawns !
- Let's begin !

"La différence entre l'intelligence et la stupidité, c'est que l'intelligence a ses limites."

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7 Re: The defective Traductus le Mar 1 Jan 2013 - 16:02

Eva Bellini

Eva Bellini
Eva came back in the Refectory. Students were scattered through the large room, and even if they clearly seemed excited by the events, they weren’t as louder as usual. Actually, it was quite the opposite. Some, like Kamira, were even trying the sign language, despite of the fact that it was obviously a lost cause.

The Bursar went to the professor table, threw a “Sonorus” at her throat, and started to speak, sparing Nathan to get punched by inadvertance (“Kamira just get too enthusiastic with this sign-language thing,” he will explain afterwards):

“Good morning, dears. As you had probably realize now, the Traductus is completely knock out. And I won’t be able to fix it before tomorrow. I’m sorry for it, and I know how hard this day will be for all of us. But from now on, we will speak in english, and in english only. It will easier the communication, and God knows how much we need this,” she sighed.

“What about classes?” asked Shiruka, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“First, stop with this foolish smile. Second, we have classes as usual. So all of you better hurry if you don’t wanna be late. See ya!” finished the redhead. She stood up, take a last bite of her croissant, and left, letting the students digest the news. The last thing she heard was a furious:


She repressed a laugh and fleed to her classroom.

Dan - 6ème année - Serdaigle

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Fight because you don't know how to die quietly. Win because you don't know how to lose.
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8 Re: The defective Traductus le Mer 26 Juin 2013 - 16:49

Eva Bellini

Eva Bellini
[Bon vu qu’apparemment personne n’a pris le relais et que j’ai envie d’écrire en anglais, je relaance]
“Well, I was planning on doing a theoritical class today,” explained Eva to the group in front of her, “but since my english is a bit rusty and you’re not all mastering it, we’ll keep it cool with just a training on basics fighting skills. Put you in pairs, please !”
The students obeyed and with a light move of her wand, Eva made disappear all the furniture in the classroom. Another one, and a low platform rose from the polished floor. Eva frowned slightly, muttered a “Too easy”, and threw another spell. The platform started to shine, like if it was covered in a thin lay of ice.
“What the heck is that ?” questionned Shiruka, arching an eyebrow. He bowed in order to move a finger on the slippy surface.
“What do you think it is ?” asked back the readhead, more amused than her sarcastic tone could let guess.
“Duh... Ice. But won’t we slide on it ? It’s gonna be hard to fight and keep our balance at the same time...”
Realization hit the young Shadow Hunter and he mouthed a silent “Oh”. He started a new sentence, but Eva interrumpted him to declare :
“Okay, so, it’s gonna be a fight in three hits, magic is authorized. I will put a protective force field just in case, I don’t want spells wandering in all the room. I don’t want wounded or dead bodies either, so go easy on the weapons and... You know the first rule ?”
“No blood on the carpet !” answered a gleeful voice in the background.

“That’s it. Now come on, first pair on the ring !”

Dan - 6ème année - Serdaigle

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Fight because you don't know how to die quietly. Win because you don't know how to lose.
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